Sunday, September 30, 2007

West Side Story - The Beginning or Part Deux

Obviously, I was not on vacation for the entirety of the last six weeks. Would have been cool if I had, right?

Well, maybe I was on vacation the last six weeks. I mean, I certainly wasn't working, and there were three cloudy, wet, yet incredible days at the beach with some wonderful friends. Either way, it certainly didn’t feel like a vacation. I feel like I’ve spent the last six weeks packing and unpacking repeatedly. Not so different from the normal routine, although this time it involved all of the belongings in our apartment - not just my standard two suitcases.

The major event in the last six weeks is that we moved (back) to New York. I say “back” parenthetically, because I did a stint at Manhattan School of Music before I moved to Texas. Jeremy has never lived in New York before. Therefore, the parenthesis.

The move involved multiple trips from DC, where Jeremy was working for the summer, and then a trip to Houston to load the moving van, and then an unloading session at our new place. After that, we swam through a lot of packing peanuts, cardboard boxes, newsprint, moving blankets, and paint fumes until our place was put into some sort of order.

We are now happily ensconced in the Upper West Side in a place that we are both incredibly happy with. It is cozy, warm, size-able, with a wonderful kitchen (which I thought I would never find in Manhattan), and we are overjoyed with it.

And now that we are finally finished unpacking and have started to feel settled into our new place, I just packed up my bags again yesterday and hit the road again…this time for four months with one evening at home in the city right before Christmas. Leaving felt much more intense this time…I guess that means that I really did settle right back into my new/old home this past month.