Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Opening my inbox the other day, I was greeting with the following message:

So, you haven't updated your blog in over two weeks. What's going on?

I can understand one week, but two? Really? Having a blog is a commitment, Nicky. Your readers depend on you.

I kid, of course. :o) (but only a little....) :o)

I hope you're well and that Chicago is/was fun. I'm back in the country now and am killing time waiting for my connecting flight. I should be back home by tonight.

Take care, and talk to you soon.


It was strangely like this person was giving voice to my artistic consciousness that has been nagging me to put up an entry. I apologize for my apparently inexcusable neglect. I blame it on a busy, rigorous rehearsal schedule and a crappy internet connection in my hotel room.


Anonymous said...

are you enjoying the splendors of the seneca? hugs, jean

Paul G. McCurdy said...

Glad you're back!