Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I escaped to LA this weekend to visit Jeremy, and to do something that was to both of us extraordinary. We got legally married. To be able to do it was something beyond our wildest dreams, and the most overwhelming part of the whole experience was the amount of love and support we received and felt from around the world. For a variety of reasons, we decided upon doing this in California and because of both the time period that Jeremy was going to be working out there and the impending threat of Proposition 8, we ended up having a small ceremony on short notice. Even though only my brother and Jeremy's sister were able to be there, our small ceremony turned into something beautiful. A friend suggested another friend's mom who is a judge to marry us, and we ended up pledging our lives to each other in her beautiful backyard rather than in some courthouse with some officiator who was a stranger. People everywhere from Beijing to Kentucky called and emailed with their love and support, and our phones were constantly buzzing for the entirety of the day with messages congratulating us. When I thought about weddings, I always imagined that they were only about the love and union of the two people involved. I never realized that they are as much about the love and support of our communities around us, as well. Never have I felt so loved and adored, and never have I been so full of love – not just for Jeremy but for everyone who I am blessed to call a friend or a family member.

In case you are interested in supporting the movement against Proposition 8 in California go here.


Anonymous said...

Just from seeing you two perform together at your recital, it's clear that you belong with each other. I'm so delighted to hear that you got married, and I wish you both the great happiness you deserve. Thank you for sharing the news with your blog readers.

Yankeediva said...

NICK!!! I had no idea!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I wish you both the most SUBLIME form of happiness, and when the times are tough - that undying sense of love that will always carry you through!

I'm SO happy for you both!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and very best wishes for the future