Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rehearsing the Haircut

As our rehearsals in the the staging studio have wrapped up over the past few days, I managed to get a few snapshots (with the help of Jenny's camera one of the days, as mine was at the camera doctor) of some of my colleagues at work. I'm new at the whole taking-pictures-of-moving-people thing, and I happen to be on stage most of this show, so my pictures are a bit limited in in terms of what scenes I could photograph. Nonetheless, enjoy some tidbits of our rehearsals - we certainly have been!


Rosina writing a love note to Lindoro (and maybe singing an aria)

Rosina and Figaro

Bartolo and Rosina fighting over paper and pens

Rosina two steps ahead of Figaro

Rosina looking mighty sure of herself

And now we move to the theater...


sestissimo said...

Wow- that's a lot of pictures of me. Just admit it - you're actually in love with me, you're not just pretending on stage. :)

nick said...

Nawwww....You're just a magnet for the camera and super-photogenic! ;-) (But can you imagine the scandal if it were true?!)