Monday, September 13, 2010

A Program

As my season gets off to a start, one of the very first projects I focus on is a short US recital tour in October and November - the very same recital tour that Myra and I were about to rehearse for when she went into labor the other day. The tour culminates in a very exciting event - our Carnegie Hall recital debut in Weill Hall. Much of my focus on the blog over the next two months will be focusing on the preparation for the recitals. Below is the program:


If music be the food of love (vers. 3)

If love’s a sweet passion

I attempt from loves sickness*

There’s not a swain of the plain*

Not all my torments

Sweeter than roses

*realizations by Benjamin Britten


Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo, Op. 22

Sonnetto XVI – Sì come nella penna e nell’inchiostro

Sonnetto XXXI – A che più debb’io mai l’intensa voglia

Sonnetto XXX – Veggio co’bei vostri occhi un dolci lume

Sonnetto LV – Tu sa’ ch’io so, signor mie, che tu sai

Sonnetto XXXVII – Rendete a gli occhi miei

Sonnetto XXXII – S’un casto amor, s’una pietà superna

Sonnetto XXIV – Spirto ben nato, in cui si specchia e vede



Winter Words, Op. 52

At day-close in November

Midnight on the Great Western (or ‘The Journeying Boy')

Wagtail and Baby (A Satire)

The Little Old Table

The Choirmaster’s Burial (or ‘The Tenor Man’s Story’)

Proud Songsters (Thrushes, Finches, and Nightingales)

At the Railway Station, Upway (or ‘The Convict and Boy with the Violin’)

Before Life and After


Come you not from Newcastle?

Little Sir William

Last Rose of Summer

The Salley gardens

The Ploughboy


Bernard said...

Hello you the programme looks lovely and all I will say is Carnegie Hall! Now that is impressive. Congrats. Hoping you are well and loving it all! x

nick said...

Thanks, Bernard! It's very exciting times on this side of the pond! Hope all is well with you, too!