Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Debuting in Moscow

It's been an incredibly fun week here in Moscow working on Hercules.  Our host has been the most amazing tour guide, showing us some of the sites and making sure we eat at some great restaurants around town, and my colleagues are a wonderful mix of friends with whom I have worked (and played) before, and new friends with whom I've enjoyed making music and getting to know this week.

All in all, it's been a fantastic musical start to the new year.

For those of you not in Russia, our concert tonight will be webcast beginning at 19:00 Moscow time (10:00am EST for those back at home in the US).  Watch us here (the top video is for faster internet connections, the lower one is for slower speeds).

Here are a few pics from my week here:

Dress rehearsing Hercules at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

The view from the stage at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

One of the tours our host took us on was a backstage tour of the Bolshoi this week...

The front of the Bolshoi

Inside the Bolshoi looking out from the stage

The Moscow subway puts NYC to shame...

Mosaics in the ceiling of the Moscow Subway


Janet said...

Using the Google translator, I haven't been able to make enough sense of the Russian Website to figure out: For those of us who couldn't take time out from work at 10 a.m., is the performance archived anywhere? I'd love to see it.

nick said...

It was, Janet! You can see it here (it's the third video on the page):

Janet said...

Thank you. Isn't it grand to live in a world where, just because the concert I want to hear took place last week and in Russia (!) that doesn't mean I can't still listen to it?

What a lovely performance--particularly that beautiful aria about the gods leaving heaven to experience love--I don't think I'd heard it before.