Friday, January 26, 2007

Licking the wounds

It is very hard for me to talk about upsetting things publicly. It’s scary, frankly.

That said, here we go.

I found out that I didn’t get a project that I had auditioned for recently – one that I really wanted to work on. I wanted to work on it for a number of reasons – primarily, the music is insanely beautiful, but also because I knew that a few good friends were involved already (making music with friends is always fun), and the conductor was someone I wished to work with again.

As being turned down can go, this was as good as rejection could be – it was mostly for logistical reasons and I was told that it had nothing to do with me or my singing. In fact, I was told that I made a very positive impression when I auditioned. Still, it was disappointing to hear that it did not work out this time.

So, in an effort to recover, I felt sorry for myself for a bit, and then I made sure to practice a lot today and I’m in the process of cleaning my apartment (which is a disaster...). Tomorrow, I'll remind myself of how much I have to be grateful for.

There – I’ve admitted that I’m human and not perfect. What a relief…


Princess Alpenrose said...

I hear you. It's truly amazing how disappointing these things can be, no matter what level you're at, isn't it? Even though your rational mind knows you sang well and it was due to logistics, there's a part of you that just keeps saying "This stinks!!!"

Good for you for letting it out in such a gentlemanly yet honest way!

Lou said...

I went thru the same thing when I got turned down for the nbc job back in september. to this day it still stings a little.

i guess part of it is just that rejection isn't any fun, even if it's rejection that goes as well as possible.

that said, i'm always proud of u and look up to u. and i already knew u were human and not perfect...just kidding. =p hehe.