Friday, February 16, 2007

F----ing Mercury

My cell phone and I ended our relationship today - I was dumped.

It left me mysteriously at the airport, while I was waiting at the gate to board my plane. I didn't realize that it was missing until after I had boarded the plane. In a panic, I dumped my belongings in my seat and ran back to the gate to to look for it. I searched in vain...finally, the gate agent asked me if I had insurance for it, which I did. She told me just to get a new one, because the plane had to take off.

I think that it was by far my favorite cell phone that I've ever owned - I will miss it dearly.

I foolishly thought that I could replace it with a duplicate, and I called the insurance company, a man on the rebound. 'Twas not to be - they couldn't supply me with a phone of my model, but would send me something "comparable".

How can anything compare to my beloved phone? It was the perfect size (small), it didn't flip, and it wasn't one of those oh-so-boring-and-pedestrian Razr phones. Jeremy had taken the most adorable picture of himself with it, and I had put it up as my wallpaper. All lost. All over. Most likely never to be seen again.

What did I do wrong, I wonder? Did I neglect it? Did I ignore it's needs? Was I abusive in some way? Oh, little Nokia, please forgive me! I only meant to love!

Mercury is in retrograde, people - and it clearly bit me in the ass today. Beware!

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Lou said...

poor lil' nokia. how sad he must be to be all alone in the world. =/ i hope u get a fun new phone, something new u can fall in love with. but getting a new phone can be a real pain (especially getting all those phone numbers).

i call my phone "phonie," not cuz he's fake, but cuz he's a phone.