Saturday, February 10, 2007

No Subject or Excuses

I am swimming in loads of new music right now, frantically trying to get it learned, while adjusting to being back on the road for a little bit (I have a concert tomorrow...). What's funny about stress is that it has this uncanny ability to reproduce itself exponentially by encouraging procrastination, which leads to greater amounts of stress. It's a beautiful thing, really.

I hope to be back with a meaningful entry sometime soon. In the meantime, while developing new ways to waste time and avoid sitting down at the piano, I've discovered Ugly Betty on iTunes. I actually watched the first 8 episodes within a span of 36 hours...To put it simply: I'm obsessed.

Regardless, it's brilliant television, and it inspires me. Do yourself a favor and go watch it.


Anonymous said...

I too am swimming in new music to learn AND I too heart Ugly Betty. Are we living parallel lives? The show is a bit kitschy, but has a great message and is HI-larious to boot. Glad that Ms. Ferrera is receiving accolades, and I'm happy to see blasts from the past on the show, too--hard to see Judith Light on the screen without screaming "Ange-luh!" Toi toi toi on your concert, and good luck with all your upcoming engagements.

Paul G. McCurdy said...

Whenever my piano teacher heard someone say practice makes perfect, she would quickly correct them: "No, PERFECT practice makes perfect." Harsh. Best wishes for JOYFUL practice, with plenty sides of Betty.