Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Haven

The first concert of the summer here at Marlboro was tonight. It was an informal evening of music in the dining hall, complete with two trios and a performance of Les nuits d’été, and it was incredible. It was amazing to watch people enjoy themselves so much making music at such a high level. For the ninety minutes of the concert, I sat and was grateful that I have the privilege to be here this summer.

My time here so far has been day after day full of inspiring musical moments. Whether in rehearsal for one of my own pieces or watching a reading of a piano concerto or simply walking on the campus here hearing bits of other groups’ rehearsals, my mind is in a state of continuous expansion. The emphasis of this place (and what makes it so special) is on rehearsal and not on performance, and even though there are concerts, many of the pieces we explore here don't actually get performed. As a result, rehearsal time is practically unlimited.

It is so great to have this incredible opportunity to immerse myself in rehearsal, study and practice, to have the time to iron out and explore the details, to be able to ask questions of my incredible colleagues, and to be surrounded by people who all share the same passion for the precept of music for music’s sake.

This is the sign that greeted us as we arrived at the festival, and it continues to display itself proudly at the top of the hill that is the heart of the campus. It is such a luxury to get to play, instead of stress, worry, obsess, and cram. It is so easy to forget that music is serious fun, and not a stuffy, elitist profession.


Lou said...

To be honest, reading your words makes me happy. I'm really happy that u're having such a great experience. I'm a little jealous, but in the end hearing about something so wonderful [it almost sounds like a magical place like Charlie's Chocolate Factory] makes me happier.

Also, that sign rocks and is absolutely brilliant and the other pic is just beautiful. I need to take more pics.

Kim said...

So jealous. I've never had a time in my life when I didn't feel apologetic about my music. Although there is much to be gained in leading a life that's constantly surrounded by things that have nothing to do with non-popular-culture (read: "classical") music, I get weary. Ah, to practice, play, perform and listen without the real world intruding... without making excuses... without apologizing...
Have a marvelous time!