Saturday, December 29, 2007


So upon my return to America, my brand new laptop was waiting for me expectantly. She is beautiful, and I love her for weighing so little and turning on without drama. Her name is The Italian Girl, since that is what paid for her.

As soon as I complete the transition from my jalopy/lemon of a Dell to my new wonder, the blogging "schedule" will resume as normal. The transition has been delayed due to the holidays suddenly appearing out of nowhere and beginning rehearsals for Abduction down here in Houston. Hopefully I can get with it and get one more post in before 2008 hits us.


Patty said...

But you don't tell your readers what you bought! Are you willing to divulge the information? Just curious!

Welcome back to the states.

I enjoy your blog. :-)

nick said...

Thanks, Patty!

I got a Sony Vaio, and so far I am a very happy camepr

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Nick. I look forward to coming down to Houston for your performance of Abduction in a few weeks.
Take care,