Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Marlboro Tour, Part I and II

On Saturday, the weather in New York took a nose dive into frigid temperatures, inducing me to set roots into my couch as I channel surfed all day on Saturday. By the time pre-concert-prep time rolled around, I found myself unwilling to uproot myself and brave the cold to journey down to Union Square for the first concert of our tour. It took me a while to get warmed up and energized, but once I saw the other, string-playing half of our touring company, I found myself both warmed and charged by our happy reunion. Assuming that the rest of New York City felt as I had all day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a completely packed theater filled with eager listeners on Saturday night.

The trip to Greenwich the next day was an easy, laugh-filled train ride away from the city. After our second concert, we were whisked off to a reception hosted by one of the donors to Marlboro, where we ate delicious food and sipped on exquisite wine. Our host asked us to speak a little about Marlboro to the group, and I found myself gushing about how special it is to me and how it revolutionized my relationship with music, helping me reconnect with my passion for music, reminding me why I fell in love with it. Unexpectedly, I found myself surprised as my voice almost broke with the amount of emotion that I was suddenly feeling, and I was reminded just how much of a treat these two weeks are for me.


Anonymous said...

My Mom was at the performance last night in Washington, DC. She told me she was very impressed with your adaptability with the your soprano partner not able to perform, she was completely charmed and captivated with your explanations about what you were singing instead, and she loved your singing.

A Wonderer said...

I saw you in concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last night! You sang beautifully! You also gave a great explanation of the Schumann. It made me wonder whether anyone writes in such dramatic terms about the pain of passionate love these days...!