Friday, January 29, 2010

Blissful Routine

Since I moved back to New York a few years ago, it's been hard to find my rhythm here. In the city that never sleeps, it is easy to feel pulled in numerous different directions. The constant hum and bustle here can make it difficult to relax and recharge – what I used to associate with coming home. Sometimes, I almost feel more at home on the road than I am at my own apartment.

What has been so lovely about this week is that I have felt myself settling into a comfortable routine here, almost blissfully monotonous – something I've never experienced here. Every day, I've woken up in my lovely new home, done some work around my place, headed out to rehearsal, lesson or some other appointment, and then settled into my kitchen to make dinner for people I love. It's felt so wonderfully mundane that I almost haven't felt like I've had much to write about this week.

So, while it may seem boring, it's a great joy to feel home in my actual home for a change.

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Unknown said...


i just found your blog... always nice to find a good new york/music blog!
(and another halfie musician!!)

i hear ya about being overwhelmed by the pace of this city. sometimes i just want to get in a car and drive through a cornfield.