Thursday, January 21, 2010

Falstaff Overdue

These photos are incredibly overdue, but I finally took the time to go through them tonight. I spent most of the day in recovering from a night out in the Altstadt with some friends from the Opera (the beer here is good - and so is the Schwein...) and resting up for tomorrow's show, providing ample time to sift through pictures.

During our final show on the Glyndebourne Tour, I experimented for the first time with taking my camera backstage and trying to snap a few photos. Here are the results of that first experiment.

Me trying to figure out how my camera works in my dressing room

The Ladies reading Falstaff's letters in Act I, scene ii

Falstaff and Ford (Sr. Fontana) in Act II, scene i

Alice and Meg plotting in Act II, scene ii

Nanetta/Elena posing backstage right before our heavy-petting fest behind the screen in Act II, scene ii

Mistress Quickly standing strong in Act III, scene i

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