Friday, January 15, 2010


A mere 5 days into my little project, and I've already missed a post. What are the rules for this? Is there some sort of blogospheric schoolmarm who will come and slap me on the wrist and give me a demerit? Or do I just have to deal with the consequences of my own guilt and shame?

Regardless, I think that primary reason I missed yesterday was that I really didn't have much to say. What happens in the event that I have nothing to say? Do I just write a post saying that I have nothing to say? I guess, according to the rules of this little game, I have to at the very least do that.

Yesterday, I picked up a visitor at the airport, and then spent the day at home, relaxing and cooking. I experimented with this recipe, which caused momentary panic, as I worried it smelled too rich and too much like dirty mushrooms. I proclaimed that we would toss the culinary disaster and eat downstairs at the local moules establishment in the event that dinner was a disaster. Crisis was averted, however, with the addition of a little extra wine to the risotto – it turned out to be quite good and a recipe that I will most definitely repeat.

Apologies for breaking the rules so soon into the game. Although, isn't there a maxim that states something like rules are made to be broken?

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Unknown said...

The exception proves the rule!