Thursday, January 31, 2008


After the show tonight, I went out to the bar with some of my colleagues to unwind and allow the adrenaline from the show to seep from my system. Among this group of people was none other than Little Miss Bossy herself. As our conversation wandered from subject to subject, we eventually started discussing blogging, and I confessed to her that I really hadn’t felt so motivated this month to keep up the frequency of entries.

Now, at "home", unable to sleep because of the sheer volume of junky bar food that I just consumed, I find myself wondering why I have been so unmotivated. Part of it, as Miss Bossy and I were discussing this evening, is that it is easier to write about things while adventuring in Europe, because everything seems so different and interesting. It is a steep learning curve over there, simply because of the culture shock. The other difficulty is that my time here has been very challenging personally. Sometimes life seems like a spiral, in the sense that we come back constantly to the same points, but always from a slightly different vantage point. Houston is very much the place where I made the awkward transition from college student/kid to adult, and I have cringed numerous times over the past six weeks as various people and events have pulled forth the memories of the many personal stumbles I made in my effort to grow up here.

The show has been going so well – it is work that I am very proud of. The entire cast is excellent and have been incredible colleagues, and I can’t believe that we only have one show left. I feel like I am saying goodbye to Houston again, and it is surprisingly sad.

Sorry, this entry feels incredibly wandering and aimless to me. – I blame the chicken tenders from the Front Porch for my random sentimentality.

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