Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dating my Artist

Why am I so bad about going on Artist Dates? I never do them. I'm devout about doing my morning pages - I have been for years. But the dates? I either forget to do them or try my damnedest to avoid them. I even tried to invite someone to go along with me on my artist date tonight. The first artist date I've gone on in months.

I'm not sure what my deal is - a lot of the time I never even think to go on one. But today, I reluctantly did it. I went to a movie all by myself at the Tribeca Cinemas (Shelter, in case you are curious). Even as I approached the box office to buy my ticket, I nearly turned around and went home. I felt a little giddy, like I was going on a first date with someone. I was even almost late for the movie - I almost showed up late for a date with myself. What kind of way is that to treat anyone, let alone yourself?

I really enjoyed the movie, and I was surprised how good I felt as I made my way home. I felt lighter, skipping to the station to catch the subway, my head in a dreamy state. It felt good to treat myself to a movie that I had been wanting to see. Going to movies by myself is one of my favorite solitary activities to do, actually, and I found myself wondering why I don't do it more often. Perhaps I will now. Perhaps this relationship with my artist is going somewhere wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

Dating my artist. I did better living in Tribeca. By dating my artist self. Now I live in Northern California
and actually went with a real artist and got burned.
It read like a bad movie.
" I am from Macedonia, you could never understand
my culture" lets see........I lived in Greece, yes, sweetie,
I totally understand your culture
" I must do my art and I must have my relationships
private,people talk" lets see, who cares?

" you do not understand the economy?" no, i just do not get it, I used to live in NYC and work three jobs....

" you do not understand, women in Macedonian understand me better" so move back to Macedonia!

Just had to write! HAd a better time dating my self in Tribeca! Great blog