Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Waves and Rehearsals

Last night's performance of 'Breaking The Waves' at Opera Philadelphia was fantastic.  The piece packs a powerful punch and is full of beautiful music, and I was moved to see some very beloved colleagues and friends give such riveting, rich and real performances.  My dear friend Kiera Duffy is phenomenal as Bess, the main character of this tragic tale.  It was hard to hold back the tears when congratulating her last night - I'm so unbelievably happy and proud to know her.  It's always such a joy to be so inspired by one's colleagues and watch them soar.

Silly #selfie with this #genius who was visiting in rehearsal today. 

She is magnificent in 'Breaking the Waves' at @operaphila - 

so proud to know this amazing woman and artist. 

#TouringLife#friends #belovedColleagues#PuttingItTogether

Speaking of inspiration - today's rehearsals of Mozart's 'Great' Mass in c minor with the Philadelphia Orchestra and Yannick Nézet-Séguin were also inspirational.  So many details, colors and nuances were explored in today's rehearsal - it was great fun to be able and be encouraged to explore the many intricate corners of this stunningly beautiful piece.  I've been looking forward to this week of concerts here in Philly for a very long time, because I've been suspecting that this would be a very special set of forces with whom to perform this piece, which has so much chamber music-like writing for the soloists and the orchestra.  Getting to work on it with such sensitive and musically-playful soloist colleagues (all of whom I have enjoyed the privilege of performing with in various places before), such an attentive and present maestro,  and this legendary orchestra has turned out to be even more of a treat than I had anticipated.

Fingers crossed I manage to sleep a bit more tonight than the few hours I managed last night - the Japanese jet lag is still kicking me in the would be nice to not have to drink quite so many cups of coffee to get through the day tomorrow.

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