Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Unexpected

While this week in Philadelphia did not end quite as I expected it to, I am still incredibly grateful for the fact that we got one performance of this weekend's programs in on Thursday evening at the Kimmel Center.  As I wrote in my last post, I had been looking forward to this past week of Mozart in Philly for a number of reasons - not only because the orchestra lives up so beautifully to it's legendary reputation, but also because I would be getting to a chance to reunite with 3 of my favorite soloist colleagues with whom to collaborate, and the opportunity to work with Yannick, whose work I've so greatly admired for so long.  As you can see from the Instagram pics we snapped backstage afterwards - you can tell from our big smiles that we had a really great time on Thursday evening.

So sad about the turn of events here in Philly this weekend, 

but nonetheless so grateful to have had these precious days 

of incredible music-making with these inspiring and dear colleagues. 

Wishing everyone the best for a quick resolution and happiness all around. 

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Even if it was only one concert, it was a joy to perform, and will be a musical experience I don't soon forget.  It's so incredible when your colleagues can reveal new layers of beauty in a piece with which one is already so familiar.  The piece will never be quite the same for me, which is astonishing considering the brief time we got to spend with it as a team.

As for the unexpected happenings, it seems that all is now resolved as of this afternoon, and the music can continue, which is great! I'm really looking forward to returning to the orchestra for more concerts in December.

One more of my beloved colleagues and friends this week. 

These people are amazing and such inspiring singers and musicians, 

this week has been a real privilege and treat. 

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Speaking of the music continuing, I spent the unexpected free day and half in Philly catching up with friends, enjoying a bit of a 'snow-day' with Lucy and Kate (both of whom I simply don't get to see often enough), and trying to continue my preparations for next Sunday's Oedipus Rex with Philharmonia Orchestra of London in Berkeley.  One of the bonuses of this extra time to shift 100% of my focus to the Stravinsky was having a chance to sit with the score and catch some things that I had mis-read as I've been studying and learning the score over the past few was a great relief that I'm doubled in the orchestra more often than I thought I would be...

That time I realized that Clarinet line I found so confusing was actually an English Horn.

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Karah said...

I really enjoyed your reading your blog Nick. I love meeting people who have found their sweet spot in life and are fulfilling their life's calling with unbridled passionate! I also loved and appreciated how genuine and honest you were in the Huffington interview in sharing your heart. I know that you are an inspiration to many out there. So blessed to have met you. You are not only an extremely talented person, but I think even more importantly a genuine, kind, caring individual. Keep on writing.