Monday, October 01, 2007


You never know what is going to greet you when you arrive in a new place, and unlock the door to the housing that’s been arranged for you at any given gig. During my last Frankfurt gig, it was a lovely rubber ducky. Here in Lille (where Fall’s chilly grip has already taken hold), I was greeted by some lovely turquoise furniture from Ikea and a bunch of mosquitoes.

I opened up my closet door and five swarmed around, disturbed by the clatter. I’ve killed about 25 of them in the last two days. It’s disgusting, frankly.

I asked to be moved this morning, and was told it was not possible – apparently they are full. They promised me a mosquito “trap”, but it never arrived. You could say that I’m less than pleased. I plan on paying the front office a second visit tomorrow morning to complain again. Ahh…what better way to exercise my French skills? Always looking for that silver lining…

Otherwise, my first day of rehearsal went pretty well, considering my jetlag. I was nervous for the “first day of school”, as usual – this role is the most difficult one I’ve sung so far, so that didn’t help the butterflies. I was relieved to have a good beginning today and to find that all of my colleagues are very nice people.

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Lou said...

mosquitoes...eww! that's really unpleasant. glad to hear the first day went well, i'm sure u'll be great.

also, happy to see u blogging again! YAY!