Sunday, October 07, 2007


I fight a tough battle with loneliness on every gig that I travel for. I’ve been lucky during the past year – almost every place I’ve worked recently has either involved colleagues that I already know or has been in a city where I have friends that I can catch up with. Lille is the first new place that I’ve been where I don’t know anyone in a long time. I also am going to be here in France until the end of December, so I feel like I’m staring down a very long tunnel, where the light at the end is still very faint. This time it feels pretty overwhelming.

Mornings are the worst for me, but once I get my morning pages written and get out the door to rehearsal where I can immerse myself in work, it’s better. Then I have the treat of being able to call Jeremy in the evenings before I go to sleep and start the cycle all over again.

The thing is (and that I have to keep reminding myself), I am not totally alone. I am so lucky to be loved by so many family, friends, and Jeremy.

Still, I wish they were here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is random but I wanted to let you know that even though your lonliness is fierce, you make a different with your art. Kim Walton and I are friends, and over the summer while we attended the same program, we discussed your singing. She misses you, and says that you've always been a great musician. I agree you're a great musician, and I hope nothing but good things for you.