Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blind Flying

I’m honestly not sure why I do this, but I have it set up so that I receive my daily and weekly horoscopes sent to me by email every morning. Perhaps it’s because some part of me believes it’s true, or maybe it’s just that it’s fun to fantasize that the stars and planets will align, and that it will all have something to do with me. Either way, I get a kick out of them normally, and they are fun aspect of my morning emails.

Today, the following was waiting for me in my inbox today:

“Don't get ahead of yourself by trying to figure everything out just now. In both your business and your personal life, you could still be flying a bit blind.”

The phrase, “flying blind”, really appealed to the catastrophic side of my soul, and I thought to myself, what awful thing is going to happen to me now? I immediately gravitated to the danger and the terror of the expression. Then I realized that perhaps it’s not such a bad thing. Sure, “flying blind” is risky and scary because of all the unknown factors, but unknown and unexpected aren’t always bad things. Sometimes good news is unexpected, too.

I hope to be flying with clear vision soon, though.

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ACB said...

"Flying blind" doesn't mean you will crash into a big brick wall, like you would likely do if driving blind. "Flying blind" is more about trusting, or about moving forward without a specific intent. Open to whatever direction the wind takes you.

Trust it! Go blind for a while!

(Had a wonderful dinner with J tonight - we CAN NOT WAIT to have you here.)