Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Getting ready to go

I successfully avoided packing a single thing today. This means that I will have to pack tomorrow, but it will be a good way to kill time and relax at home before the final Ariodante tomorrow night.

It’s a good sign when I’m reluctant to leave a gig. It generally means that I’ve really enjoyed myself, which is always the hoped-for goal.

I always love my time here in Germany, which shocks so many people when I say that. They always ask me, “Isn’t Frankfurt boring?” or “How can you stand the Germans?” or other equally obnoxious things. I love it here. Life is relaxed, the city of Frankfurt is close to everything and has a lot of charming places to eat and hang out, you can walk everywhere, the cities and the countryside are lush and green, and Germans are truly lovely people. They take care of their land and are very respectful and genuine in nature. I also love singing over here because I really feel like my music-making is appreciated. That always helps a singer feel an affinity for a place.

The other aspect that I am sad about is putting Lurcanio to rest for awhile. I really love singing this music – every time I get a gig to sing Handel, I have the distinct feeling that my dreams are coming true. He is my favorite composer. Plus, I have waited a long time to perform this role – I covered it my first year in the Houston Grand Opera Studio and have been anxiously waiting for the chance to actually perform it ever since. So this run of shows has been doubly exciting for me in that regard. I hope it is not too long before I get to sing his exciting and beautiful music again.

All this said, I am really looking forward to coming back here in a couple months for more Handel – Jonathan in Saul at the Kloster Eberbach as a part of the Rheingau Musik Festival – and to five weeks of what promise to be amazing chamber music making at Marlboro in between now and then.

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