Sunday, May 27, 2007


In honor of the first year of this blog, I feel like shaking things up a bit, and trying out an experiment. I want to see what will happen if I write an entry everyday until June 8, the day I return to the US. I’m just curious to see what will happen…I always put such pressure on myself to have something profound, eloquent, and perfect to say before I write, and it creates panic and fear. Those feelings prevent me from posting entries as frequently as I could. What happens if I say to myself, write everyday, regardless of whether you feel like you have something to say or not?

Already, I can feel my fear of commitment descending upon me like a wet blanket…I’m not even sure I want to post this, because if I do, I’ll have to follow through.



ACB said...

You can do something simple, like every day tell us what you had for breakfast. Or, there's a writing/journaling exercise where you create a topic for each day of the month, from something relevant to your life; on that day, you write on that topic. You could create topics for each of the next 13 days, maybe music-related, maybe not.

Whatever you write, we'll be happy to read it!

(PS JL and I finally figured out our connection today! How fun!)

Kim said...

Go for it Nick. A year or more ago I started being so compulsive that my post length got out of hand. I couldn't keep up with it, and my readers (many of whom are casual at best) certainly didn't want to commit the chunk of time required to slog through it. There are Bloggers' Bloggers out there writing regular deep, substantive and thought-provoking daily entries. Let them carry the burden. (Personally, I think some of them need a life.)