Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fast Transitions

The sun streamed into my room this morning, waking me up entirely too early. The nice thing about having such great windows in my apartment is that I get a lot of light. The annoying thing about having great windows in my apartment is that I get a lot of light. Funny, those double edged swords.

I felt so tired all day today (a day off), and as I pondered my exhaustion, I realized what a whirlwind this past month has been. I’ve been in four different time zones, performed two challenging programs, finished reading a novel, moved into storage, cancelled utilities, decided to move to New York City in September, visited friends in Cologne and Heidelberg, and staged and rehearsed a three and a half hour opera that opens tomorrow. No wonder I’m tired. At the same time, it’s all kind of exciting…the sense of possibility, hope, and accomplishment. I mean, that is an action packed month.

All that, and I have that rubber ducky, to boot. Again, I ask: Who could ask for more?

I am looking forward to a slightly less intense week next week…I hope.

the photo above is a view from the Schloss in Heidelberg...taken on the visit mentioned above.

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Anonymous said...

"...decided to move to New York City in September." Wonderful news! I hope this means you'll be singing more often in the New York area so I'll have more chance to hear you. (I did make it to the Paris songs performance, and I'm so glad I did. It was a wonderful concert--witty and charming, and gorgeously sung--and boy it looked like a lot of fun. It definitely left me with the desire to hear more.)